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Firm Analyst Date Sales PBT EPS DPS
Peel Hunt Clyde Lewis 03-Sep-21 £338m £26.5m 19.0p 9.5p
Canaccord Genuity Anysley Lammin 03-Sep-21 £335m £26.5m 18.9p 9.5p
Goodbody David O'Brien  20-Aug-21 £343m £25.4m 18.0p 8.5p
Berenberg Lush Mahendrarajah 03-Sep-21 £335m £26.5m 18.9p 9.4p
Eurocell Calculated Consensus £338m £26.2m 18.7p 9.2p


Firm Analyst Date Sales PBT EPS DPS
Peel Hunt Clyde Lewis 03-Sep-21 £334m £28.0m 20.4p 10.5p
Canaccord Genuity Anysley Lammin 03-Sep-21 £345m £27.5m 20.1p 10.0p
Goodbody David O'Brien  20-Aug-21 £347m £26.5m 18.9p 9.4p
Berenberg Lush Mahendrarajah 03-Sep-21 £339m £28.1m 20.7p 10.4p
Eurocell Calculated Consensus £344m £27.5m 20.0p 10.1p

The above are analyst estimates of reported numbers

  • PBT - Underlying Profit Before Tax
  • EPS - Underlying Earnings per Share
  • DPS - Dividends per Share
  • m - Millions

Information as at 6 September 2021

Eurocell Calculated Consensus ("ECC") is a simple arithmetic average of the forecasts that have been published on the dates noted by the registered investment analysts listed here. As such, ECC does not give greater weight to more recent forecasts or to the forecasts of any individual analyst. Nor is ECC adjusted to exclude forecasts that pre-date a significant announcement or event, and therefore it may or may not represent the market consensus.

Eurocell plc does not express any opinion on, or endorse in any way, the consensus information and the underlying forecasts d o not represent the opinions, forecasts, estimates or projections of the management of Eurocell plc. No warranty or representation, express or implied, is made by any of Eurocell plc, its affiliates or any of their respective directors, officers or employees as to the accuracy or completeness of this information and to the fullest extent permitted by law no responsibility or liability is accepted by any of those persons in respect of such information or any action taken or not taken in relation to it. Eurocell plc assumes no obligation to update or supplement this information.

Eurocell plc is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and cannot offer investment advice. Nothing in this analysis should be taken as a recommendation to buy or sell shares in Eurocell plc or to take any other action or place any reliance on the analysis.

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