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Our corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities reflect our ongoing commitment to innovation and sound business practices.

Our culture ensures people are treated with fairness and respect, and our customers receive excellent customer service.


We respect the individuality and diversity of every employee. Our policies ensure that every employee is treated equally, fairly and with dignity and that all employees are aware of their obligations. We are committed to the health and safety of all of its employees, together with their Human Rights, irrespective of background and to this end we maintain a number of policies and codes of conduct regarding appropriate behaviour in the workplace.

Providing a safe working environment

The health and safety of our people is our number one priority. As well as an excellent accident frequency record, we also monitor near misses with a view to eradicating potential causes of future accidents.

Carbon footprint

Prior to listing we did not measure our carbon footprint. Measures are being implemented now to enable full disclosure in future years. We intend to increase our use of recycled product where we can.

Equality and diversity

Equality and diversity are fundamental values supported by Eurocell. We take our responsibilities under our equal opportunities policy seriously and we give full and fair consideration to applications for employment by disabled people. In the event of a colleague becoming disabled, every effort is made to ensure that their employment with us continues and that appropriate training is arranged.

Our colleagues are from wide and diverse backgrounds, sexual orientations, nationalities and ethnic and religious groups. With continued expansion, diversity amongst our colleagues will increase. We respect cultural differences, and learn about and embrace these differences wherever we operate.

We recognise the benefits of encouraging diversity across the business and believe that this will contribute to our continued success. We respect individuals and their rights in the workplace and, with this in mind, specific policies are in place to prevent or, where issues are raised, address harassment and bullying and to ensure equal opportunities. Our whistleblowing policy continues to operate to give visibility to issues that might not have been resolved through normal business channels.


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